chronic kidney disease in the united

In US children and adolescents younger than 18 years, disease and glomerulonephritis are the main causes of ESKD... ... Atlanta, GA US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2019.. ..

the us empires strikes again at cuba

Later, measures were taken to intensify the war that the US has waged on Cuban people for almost 60 years, hoping that desperation would lead them to overthrow Cuban Revolution and reinstate capitalism like in pre-1959 Cuba.. ... The only place where human rights are violated Cuba is the..

the united states of injustice revisited

The US is imperial state, warrior state, gangster state, crime boss state, Nazified fascist state, hugely debauched state, surveillance state, racist state, fear-mongering hate-mongering state, .. ... The war on drugs is war on the poor and people of color, feeding the US prison complex..

constitution of the united states of

We the People of United States, Order to form more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure Tranquility, provide for the defence, promote Welfare, and secure Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for United States of America.. ..

is the us selling another war?

The Gulf of Tonkin, also known as USS Maddox, incident provided Lyndon Johnson, the president of the US, the authority to escalate the conflict. ... Just last week, John Bolton, advisor of the US, accused Iran of targeting its oil tankers and pipelines in Persian Gulf. ..

the us should never start a nuclear war

The majority of us, with the exception of people like National Security Adviser John Bolton, do not want our country to start nuclear war.. ... The risk of conflict is at high thanks to the US from Iran deal, our failed attempts to broker deal with North Korea, and our tensions with..

what ails the us press?

The question of “What ails the US press?” is too big for one column or one case study. ... His report told us what didn’t happen during the 2016 election, but shed little light on what did happen, and why. . . ..

why the us owes central america

Why the US Owes Central America . Today’s refugee wave is a direct consequence of past US interference in Latin America’s political and economic development. . . ... Trump sees Latin America as the center of much of the evil that beseeches the contemporary US. . . . ..

does the united states still exist?

As empires are unstable, the US is so.. The decision to deep-six the policy of assimilation was decision to disunite the Diversity coupled with reverse discrimination dispossessed the population of their country. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of US Treasury and former associate..

the united states: a nation on suicide

These include National Security Agency US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines US Coast Guard,   and National Reconnaissance Office, among others. ... This piece could go on and on citing data from myriad of sources showing, among other things, the 500% growth rate of the US,..

women are fighting flooding crisis in the us

Human Rights Watch has seen this first-hand speaking to Puerto Rico, US territory, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017. ... He may have pulled the US out of Human Rights Council and Paris Accord on Climate Change, and ditched his action plan. ..

can the us-china crisis be stabilized?

Soviet Union's leaders told United States we will bury you and Soviet Union invaded and occupied foreign countries China may be competitor, and it's not seeking to destroy us, is not existential threat to us, and is not invading other countries. ..

'scholas occurrentes' arrives in the united

The arrival of Scholas Citizenship program in United States has been long-awaited dream, more specifically, in the city of Miami, where on Monday, June 24, 2019, the ceremony was held in the presence of top local authorities at Ponce de Leon Secondary School Coral Gables.. ..

the us, iran, and the moral high ground: on

Even so, from 2005 to sometime before Obama presidency during which MEK remained on the US of FTOs US Joint Special Operations Command trained members of MEK at Nevada National Security Site. ... Finally, in al-Nusra front al-Qaida operating Syria alleged that his group has received..

the us trade war against human rights

Most Chinese believe that the war extends beyond trade, and is part of the US containment of China's strategy for rejuvenation. . ... But the US political elites arrogance and their extreme practices toward Chinese companies such as Huawei have made people realize that the US..

behind the us espionage act

The material included documents that exposed US war crimes and other material about Washington's wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. ... The act was not used much after that time, until 1945, when US Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the offices of pro-Communist, Amerasia.. ..

what lies behind the us-china trade war?

US trade delegation is due Beijing shortly to seek to revive trade negotiations and Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to talk at G20 summit Japan at the end of June. escalating trade war can higher prices for US consumers faced with having to pay the price of increased..

what lies behind the us-china trade war? -

US trade delegation is due Beijing shortly to seek to revive trade negotiations and Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to talk at G20 summit Japan at the end of June. escalating trade war can higher prices for US consumers faced with having to pay the price of increased..

china is never rebuilt by the us

Some Americans hold that the so-called imbalanced trade between China and the US is result of Chinese manipulation of exchange rate, and the US trade deficit with China is wealth sent by the US to China. ... The bilateral trade between China and the US is not street via..

will the us supreme court reconsider abortion

All the conservative states across the US testing the limits, they see it's sympathetic court to the conservatives, Lawrence Gostin of Georgetown Law told AFP.. ... I do not know what the point of waiting is, sooner or later, if they do want to take it, it starts to push it to 2020, when the..

where is the antiwar movement in the us?

The night he spoke to Mike Pence over the phone who had the full backing of the US if he could oust Maduro. ... And it may make us feel better about ourselves to have president that does not say mean things, except we look the in the eyes of the children of Yemen and Venezuelan or..

the us fertility rate and immigration

the reality is we do have in the US physical space, and in the economy for more workers and more consumers .. ... To pretend like these individuals are lazy good-for-nothings seeking to come leech off the in the US is to ) ignore the history of immigrants to the US and their..

no one trusts the us government

  By margin of two to one, Germans China as more for Germany than US.  . Americans have come to the same conclusion about the US and Americans Washington to be six times the problem that health care is. . ..

are the us and other democracies in trouble?

new report from UK-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research, and most likely also in the US, has established clear link between antisemitism and hostility towards Israel, finding that the strongest holders of antisemitic views tend to support boycotts of Israel or consider it apartheid state... ..

venezuela, the united states and hypocrisy

Let us consider a hypothetical situation. We will ask the reader to think back to the U.S. presidential election of November, 2016, when the county was faced with a choice between a vile, corporate-owned elitist candidate, and one that was even, incredibly, worse. ... But let us return for..

bourgeois revolution and the us civil war

In the writings of writer like William Drayton in the 1830s, for example, he says that like Haitian, the negroes will be unleashed on our southern gentle folk, and then it'll be like England under Cromwell, they'll all be running around slaughtering us. ..

violence and the us class war

From the 1890s to the 1930s, hardly year passed without serious, clash between workers and management.  Louis Adamic's Dynamite The Story of Class Violence America, first published in 1931, attempts to unpack this bloody history of confrontation between the haves and the have-nots  . ..

can the united states revoke someone's

President-elect Donald Trump has tweeted lot of contentious things in the middle of the night, and the message that he posted at 3 55 a.m back November 2016 was contentious — at least to constitutional scholars and civil liberties advocates. ..

the us-china trade war

By imposing tariff of over, United States imposed tariff of over US$ 200 billion on Chinese goods and Beijing prompted60 billion on U.S goods. ... The important consequence of U.S retaliatory measures would be re-globalizing China's trade with the US and it would be end of China's trade..

the us global magnitsky act

In 2012, US Congress passed in his name that imposed sanctions on list of Russian officials believed to be responsible for human rights violations, freezing any US assets they hold and banning them from entry into United States.. ... Sanctions deny individuals entry into the US,..

10 ways the us unwittingly aided terrorism

The US would air-drop ammunition and weapons to the embattled forces, and some of these deliveries fell into the hands of ISIS.. On the anniversary of the 11 attacks, massive assault by radicals at the US Benghazi resulted in the deaths of four Americans. ..

why the united states spies on germany

German- U.S friendship is much broader and Seibert said, adding that EU-US trade agreement being negotiated is still priority for Berlin... The latest spying revelations, combined with revelations last year that NSA was targeting Merkel's cell phone, have German-US relations to the..

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