presstv-us sanctions russian bank over venezuela

The US Treasury Department has announced sanctions against Russian bank Evrofinance Mosnarbank over its dealings with Venezuela's state-owned oil company PDVSA, part of US-led efforts to oust the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.. ... Venezuelan President..

., set us ‘aid’ truck on fire

Newly-released footage indicates that opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro set on fire purported US aid convoy at the border with Colombia two weeks ago, by the US and the opposition that the government was behind the incident.. Footage released by The New York Times on Monday,..

the dual-loyalty canard

As an American Jew, it is more than distressing to watch the congressional gymnastics surrounding US Rep. ... The worst thing you can say to us, after our experience in this land over three centuries, is that we have no attachment to it. . ..

judging u.s. war crimes

US SOLDIER 1: Let me engage. Can I shoot? . US SOLDIER 2: Roger. Break. ... US SOLDIER 2: One-eight, engage. Clear. . US SOLDIER 1: Come on! . US SOLDIER 2: Clear. ..

us negotiations: masters of defeats

As consequence, the US deliberate sabotage of negotiations pushed Iran to Russia, China and alternative markets while the US remained wedded to Saudi Arabia and Israel. ... The US 'negotiations allowed it to expand NATO to Russian frontier, incorporated most of East Europeans..


Iran is priority for us reconstruction of Syria it should have in the reconstruction of Syria, Head of Syrian trade Mahmoud Nasser al-Fotouh said Tehran on Monday.. ... TEHRAN - number of civilians were killed and wounded in airstrikes and artillery attacks by US-led and Syrian..

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