the us, iran, and the moral high ground: on

Even so, from 2005 to sometime before Obama presidency during which MEK remained on the US of FTOs US Joint Special Operations Command trained members of MEK at Nevada National Security Site. ... Finally, in al-Nusra front al-Qaida operating Syria alleged that his group has received..

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Currently, the significant risk emanates from threats by Donald Trump, the US president, to impose additional tariffs on US 1bn-worth of imports from EU. ... The US rescinded its Iranian oil sanctions waivers at the start of May, and this is to Iran's oil exports down, as only..


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fact-checking trump's orlando rally

It's crude oil in particular in which the US became top in the world under Trump, according to EIA it surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia in 2018.. ... According to Government Accountability Office, the US government added 354 miles of pedestrian fencing and 300 miles of vehicle fencing..

trump against war on iran?

Bipartisan hawks Washington want Iran returned to US client state status, eliminating Israel's main regional rival at the time, along with gaining control over its vast oil and gas reserves.. ... Its own energy needs aside, the US seeks control over energy reserves worldwide —..

a recipe for survival in difficult times

The critical question is how every one of us individually coped with those lives., using merciless adjectives, under the fist of military rule over the past many decades. ... Our world seems eclipsed by the rise of in the US and some European countries, Brexit, in economic growth,..


Ayatollah Khamenei referred to Shinzo's remarks that the US intends to prevent Iran's of nuclear weapons, We are opposed to the nuclear weapons and my religious Fatwa bans production of nuclear weapons and you should know that the US could do nothing and its non-permission was not..

the legacy of stonewall: 'where pride began'

“I think now it needs to be the people who claim to be our allies … or the people who claim to love us to stand up and let people know that it’s not OK to attack us, to beat us, to demonize us.” . . ... “We are still facing the government actors who oppress..

civic honesty around the globe

BigMoney condition in three countries that increased the inside the wallet to US $94.15, or seven times the in our Money condition. ... Using nationally representative surveys conducted in the US, Poland, and UK, we asked respondents to imagine receiving wallet with the in our four..

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