the us-china trade war

By imposing tariff of over, United States imposed tariff of over US$ 200 billion on Chinese goods and Beijing prompted60 billion on U.S goods. ... The important consequence of U.S retaliatory measures would be re-globalizing China's trade with the US and it would be end of China's trade..

53% of us undergrads afraid to disagree with outspoken

While the poll does not specify which direction each professor's personal opinions lean, survey conducted earlier this month by professor at Sarah Lawrence College provides insight on the political affiliations of student affairs administrators in the US. ... The behavior of the university, even..

the anti-war autumn is here

the US and allies from 28 other countries begin month-long military exercise near Russian border, Trident Juncture.. ... In his review of the book, out that Russia has more to fear from the US than the US does from Russia and that historical amnesia results in of Russia in the..


The movement of thousands of Central American asylum seekers and migrants north from Honduras towards the border of United States has precipitated threats from US President Donald Trump ahead of next midterm elections to block the entry by deploying troops to US- Mexican border.  . ... ..

the futile search for meaning in anti-semitic crimes

rather than age-old hatred of Jews or the deranged ravings of extremist, it helps us channel our rage and in direction that seems productive, even if it's nothing of the kind.. ... Trump is both friend of Jews and Israel, and symptom of destructive trend that has helped loosen the bonds of..

'i'd like to be president'

Former US Democratic Hillary Clinton is leaving the door open on 2020, saying that I'd like to be president... Clinton made the in recent interview amid increasing speculation that the secretary of state might launch another bid for the US presidency after the midterm elections... ..


TEHRAN - The Syrian Army discovered large volume of US and Israeli arms, ammunition and medicines in clean-up in Quneitra on Saturday... ... TEHRAN - Thousands of children have been killed by US-led and terrorist groups, including White Helmets, in the 7 years of Syria, on Monday... ..

bonapartism returns to brazil

How does it allow us to make sense of Bolsonaro’s success? How does it allow us to understand why he won 55 per cent of the vote (which, incidentally, is far more than Hitler ever won)? ... Donate today to keep us fighting . . . . . . Share . Topics Politics World . . ..

us growth robust but doubts remain

Last Friday, US Bureau of Economic Analysis published their latest accounts Gross Domestic Product, quarter 2018. By the in environment of business investment, Democratic obsession with 'sound finance and its continual railing against the deficit and debt is danger to US growth, before..

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