• 2019-04-22

Restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression assembly persist, amid the government's failure to contend with the range of rights-abusing laws that have been long used to criminalize speech and prosecute dissidents. ..

sudanese protesters suspend talks with military

  • 2019-04-22@ thehimalayantimes.com

KHARTOUM The organizers of Sudan's protests said Sunday they have suspended talks with the ruling military council because it has failed to meet their demands for transfer to government following the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir.. ..


  • 2019-04-22

Open newspaper or turn on the television and, you also may see shocking pictures of Yemen. ..

both victimizers and victims

  • 2019-04-22

MacDevitt and Chicago Chapter of Veterans For Peace, the purpose of the exhibit is, in my opinion, first to acknowledge and educate visitors about both the murders of over 500 villagers in Hamlet of My Lai by U.S forces March of 1968, and of the subsequent cover-up by military officials. ..

let it burn

  • 2019-04-21

I admit to feeling slight sense of sadness watching the images of flames soaring from the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral, that no one had been hurt, my slight sense of sadness gave way to feeling of pleasure. ..

the middle east, land disputes, and religious history

  • 2019-04-21@ hnn.us

This diversity and inclusivity are characterized by such landmarks  the Church of Holy Sepulcher, and Dome of Rock in the centuries-old of Jewish, Christian, Armenian, and Muslim quarters that constitute the city of Jerusalem to this day.  . ..

violence and crime strike mexico

  • 2019-04-21

Despite its claims that in the last three months the administration was able to break the increasing crime tendency in the country, the government added more areas to the list of place that requires urgent attention, as result of the increasing crime rates. ..

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