jewish & israel news

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teachers union leaders on chicago charter school strike victory

  • 2018-12-09@

CHICAGO American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey, and union bargaining Martha Baumgarten issued the following statements after the team for 500 striking educators at Acero charter schools reached agreement with today. ..

afghanistan wading through blood

  • 2018-12-09@

From 1989 onwards, the war between the regional powers vied to either control Afghanistan to turn it into backyard or wanted to relegate it to vassal state to use it as launching pad against regional adversaries. ..

indigenous-led movement will make sure of it

  • 2018-12-09@

By even going to jail and putting their bodies on the line, Indigenous-led movement of people of all ages and backgrounds has been standing up to these tar sands pipelines and enforcing the ban, including by starving the tar sands of its financial backers, sometimes. . ..

bankrupt universities

  • 2018-12-09

The government plans to build 100 public universities all over the country, with degrees consistent with the needs of each region, to quality and education to 64,000 students.. ..

environmental impacts of coal

  • 2018-12-09@

Many of the heavy metals released in the mining and burning of coal are environmentally biologically toxic elements mercury, nickel, tin, cadmium, arsenic, and antimony, and radio isotopes of thorium and strontium... ..

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