was the korean war a just war?

This invasion also included Korea and, US agreement drafted and agreed to by Soviets created the occupation and, at first, temporary, partition of Korea at the 38th parallel, Soviets occupying the North and the US occupying South.. ... By controlling the makeup and influence of the native..

making the case of war

The US of regime change in Middle East under the disguise of September 11 attacks, formula, wielded order to attack any nation on the planet.. ... According to one recent study published by Watson Institute at Brown University, US, war and military actions Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and..

duterte’s culture of corruption – asia sentinel

One of Udenna's largest transactions to date was US billion in 2017 with Kuwait-based KGL Investment for Global Gateway Development Corporation and its Clark Freeport Zone. ... Marsha Lazareva claimed GGDC to Uy had been for just US$380 million, and given Kuwaiti port and pension funds..

the ugly american vs. the ugly cuban

With this reality in mind, he waters the seed of doubt so he can dress up his unpopular measures and continue onwards to totally dominating the US people.. ... During my first trip to the US, I remember the I had when I saw many people aged 60 and over working in the airport. ..

does the united states still exist?

As empires are unstable, the US is so.. The decision to deep-six the policy of assimilation was decision to disunite the Diversity coupled with reverse discrimination dispossessed the population of their country. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of US Treasury and former associate..

the central america us border blues

Political movements like Make America Great Again and rightist efforts to oppress the immigration of those caught between the rocks of Central America and the hard places along US Border want to deal with the winners in this cruel distribution of humanity.. ..

us-china trade war is making china stronger

Following meeting between US president, Donald Trump and his Chinese, Xi Jinping at G20, the two leaders agreed to renew talks. ... Until recently, US policymakers operated under the assumption that the US was the world's and Silicon Valley was the innovation hotbed. ..


CIA agent asked al-Falahi to provide him with the geographical coordinates of the existing military bases at the borders between Iraq and Syria to be attacked by the US and Israeli air forces... He also told al-Falahi to meet with the US and intelligence service commanders Erbil Iraqi..

dank on demand — adam smith institute

Britain has fallen behind the rest of the world on recreational cannabis with Canada, ten US states and Uruguay having legalised and New Zealand organising a referendum to decide whether to legalise the drug. . . . . ... And we should shift people towards less harmful ways of using cannabis: taxing..

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