us voters poised to elect 2 muslim women to congress

Chicago US voters are poised to elect two Muslim to Congress in the election next week, marking historic first even as anti- Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric has been on the rise.. ... Ilhan Omar, Somali refugee running is poised to win in the US Congress in the midterm elections... ..

iptc autumn meeting 2018, day 3

Lastly, speaking about the future, we had Michael Young from Civil Media speak to us about their plans to use blockchain technologies to small newsrooms and fulfil their broad to power throughout the world.. ... The event ended with few of us attending Canadian Journalism Foundation's..

is america finished?

The only reason for Washington to withdraw from the treaty is to be able to place intermediate range nuclear missiles on Russia's borders that would increase the likelihood of success of US first strike against Russia.. ... Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of US Treasury and..


Bodies of 4,000 Civilians Killed by US, ISIL Found in Raqqa . TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian medical officials announced on Wednesday that the corpses of thousands of civilians killed in the US airstrikes and ISIL attacks have been found in Raqqa. . . . . ... US Warplanes Bomb Eastern Syria..

veterans slam trump for border 'stunt'

Washington With his decision to deploy more than 5,000 troops to US-Mexico, President Donald Trump has ordered more military personnel to the US southwest than he has serving in some of the world's most contentious combat zones... ... US troops will join over 2,000 National..

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