greece: suicide or murder?

Compare this to Hong Kong’s economy of US$ 340 billion in 2017. In that same period the Greek GDP has declined from about US$ 300 billion (€ 270 billion) in 2010 to US$ 218 billion (€ 196 billion), a reduction of 27%, hitting the middle- and lower-class people by far the..

presstv-trump's anti-iran megaphone a megaflop

US Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo signed off on visa for Zarif's visit, and restricted his travel in manner that is consistent with US obligations under the UN agreement. ... Most damaging to the image of the US was the minister's statement of how Iran has played undeniably in..

asia times

The publication claimed that Lai's meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Vice-President Mike Pence July aimed to fuel an war of public opinion against the extradition bill, the now-shelved proposal that triggered the spate of protests over fears dissenters could be..

un: new ‘list of shame’ shortchanges children

Guterres failed to list Israel Defense Forces, Afghan National Army, and US-led international forces Afghanistan in the new report including killing and maiming, despite considerable evidence of violations by these parties.. ... The secretary-general found that US-led international..

war in the persian gulf? let’s hope not

earlier, US Navy claimed that USS Boxer had downed Iranian drone over the strait after it came within 1,000 yards of the ship.. UK warships are shadowing British oil tankers in the area, and United States has proposed US-led military coalition to protect commercial shipping off the coast..

pay raise joy in cuba amid tense economic times

. $26 to 43 USD), amid a complex economic situation which is the result of both national problems and shortages and the US tightening down on its economic embargo of the island. . . ... The US government has repeated, time and time again, its explicit objective to further block the Cuban..

know-nothing americans

Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed know-nothings on earth — despite around 80% of US households having Internet access, with minimal effort.. It's why both right wings of the US war party get away with ravaging one country breaching the rights of ordinary people.. ..


TEHRAN - Iraqi sources revealed the US plans to impose its military and Diyali of Iraq through supporting terrorists and building in the region.. ... Al-Tamimi pointed to the US efforts to make Diyali as insecure, that the terrorists are working for the sake of US Embassy's..

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