john durham must investigate 'unmasking'

Let us hope Durham has the support he will need. . Click Here if you Like this Comment . 2 people like this. . . ... Let us not let the left-wing media talk us into a recession. Make no mistake: they are eager to do so.For months the liberal press has echoed Democrats’..

alan carlin

Climate ChangeEnvironment Energy Climate Alarmism Is Now Real Economic Threat to the US by Alan Carlin July 12, 2019.. ... As discussed last week, Climate Socialists in US Democratic Party ultimate objective appears to be to replace capitalism by socialism.. 0 Facebook Twitter Google +..

american apocalypse

The government is systematically locking down the nation and shifting us into martial law. . ... The U.S. government isn’t protecting us from terrorism. . The U.S. government is creating the terror. ..

us billionaires funding eu culture war

US billionaires funding EU culture war . Close-up of US dollar bill (Photo: Alejandro Mallea) . . . ... It collected $15.2m in the US and spent $190,000 in Europe. . Flows of US funds to European activities (Photo: Interrobang/Razvan Zamfira) Acting together . ..

us plans rule change that allows indefinite detention of

The action tears apart Flores Settlement Agreement that had placed limits on how children of families seeking asylum could be held in detention, enabling the US government to release tens of thousands of families pending the resolution of their cases.. ... of course, is position of White House..

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