us universities report drop in students from china

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17 states sue feds over endangered species act rules

BC-APFN-US--Trump-Endangered Species,2nd Ld-Writethru . . SEATTLE (AP) — Seventeen states sued the Trump administration Wednesday to block rules weakening the Endangered Species Act, saying the changes would make it tougher to protect wildlife even in the midst of a global extinction crisis. . ..

creating a critical mass of talent and resources

It has worked with 50 US cities so far, largely in partnership with the Bloomberg Foundation’s What Works Cities initiative. ... Hallsworth says when they started in the US, they took on projects in response to the interests of individual cities, with an emphasis on experimentation. ..

populist strongmen's day at the united nations

Just as President Trump spoke of national renewal, there is also a reformist tradition in the US as in other countries that practices a politics based on inclusion and not fear. ... At a time when all of us are worried about the future, we must work together to build and renew international..

trump may have overshared his way into impeachment

One common way this manifests is that our discomfort leads us to offer too much information about topics, with people, or in situations that are inappropriate.” . “In essence,” Warren says, “our effort to cope with the truth leads us to over self-disclose.” ..

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