aspi report shows west’s anxiety over china

It's coordinating with the US strategy of suppressing China's development, adding fuel to Washington's undisguised restrictions on China-US technological and educational exchanges and playing up the US appeal for more countries participation.. ... Australia has received more..

cornell echoes washington’s strategy against china

Renmin University of China told Global Times that the accusation is fiction and the US university was misled by internet speculation.. ... It may not be action by Cornell and the US government, except Washington's new strategic plan of regarding Beijing as rival has wide influence. ..

presstv-rabbi: jewish identity hijacked by zionists

US-based rabbi says Zionists have hijacked the identity of Jews to pursue their agenda, emphasizing that the true followers of Judaism around the world are opposed to Israel on occupied Palestinian territories.. ... Weiss said Jews Jerusalem al-Quds and around the world, including those living..

us: make asylum accessible to people fleeing violence

Any policies adopted by United States that result in returning people fleeing Central America to persecution or torture would violate US obligations, Human Rights Watch said. ... Given how life at home has become over the past few years, more people from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador..

in trump, china now sees a different america

China Loves Trump, other news organizations in the US and other Western countries, such as Foreign Policy, CNN and Guardian, ran pieces expressing similar views.. ... Global Times, influential offspring of People's Daily, China's newspaper, responded, acknowledging that Pence's speech shows..

michael balsamo

New York Times reports that Rod Rosenstein floated the idea of using Amendment to deem US unfit for office. US president's ex-campaign manager was involved in number of episodes under Mueller probe, including Trump Tower meeting. ..


Local sources Eastern Syria disclosed on Monday that the US forces backup for ISIL has enabled the terrorists to recapture the entire lands they had lost to Syrian Democratic Forces Eastern Deir Ezzur in the 2 months.. ... In the meantime, Syria's state-run al-Watan quoted experts as stating..

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