despite the defeat of ISIS Iraq late 2017, US-led alliance reported 231 strikes in that troubled country in the half of 2019 76% increase on the 131 strikes reported in the first six months of 2018. In January 1st strike on Yemen's Marib province for example, the US confirmed the death..

asia times

Hwang Kyo-ahn, leader of Liberty Korea Party, in National Assembly, said Seoul should abrogate a military agreement signed with North Korea at Pyongyang summit September 2018 while Moon was serving as denuclearization negotiations between the US and North Korea. ... Why do they complain about..

addressing our biases: medieval bathing

But here's the thing, allowing myths like this to perpetuate allows us to keep upholding harmful ideas about the period that furthers our colonialist ideas about history, allows us to gloss over all the harmful and gross stuff that we as modern people do. ..

why the us owes central america

Why the US Owes Central America . Today’s refugee wave is a direct consequence of past US interference in Latin America’s political and economic development. . . ... Trump sees Latin America as the center of much of the evil that beseeches the contemporary US. . . . ..

gillian kane

Why Trump's US is wrong on abortion and what it can learn from Rwanda Published on April 2019. The US is going after women with harsh abortion laws. But criminalisation makes unsafe. ..

amlo’s police gun down immigrant near us border

At meeting on July 21 between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Mexican Marcelo Ebrard to review the measures taken since the deal, Ebrard boasted that the number of migrants reaching US- Mexico border fell from 144,000 May to 100,000 June. ... Through threats of tariffs and..


In June, Iraqi expert warned of the US plot to transfer ISIL terrorists to the bordering areas with Syria with the two countries tribes.. ... Meantime, senior al-Qiyarah in Southern parts of Nineveh province said that ISIL terrorists have increased their operations in the desert areas in Western..

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