no, bernie’s not anti-war

Given this pattern, one can wonder if he would have pushed his resolution against US support of Saudi Arabia's on Yemen if Hillary had been elected ( Props I must acknowledge that the source for this piece was Counterpunch Jeffrey St. ... The Cold War between the US and USSR ended..

presstv-us court charges assange with 'conspiracy'

US Justice Department announced Washington shortly after Assange's arrest that the whistle-blower had been charged with conspiring with former Army analyst Chelsea Manning to gain access to US government computer.. ... Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova Assange's..


Kupchishin pointed out that in order to prevent catastrophe, Syrian government had provided security guarantees to refugees leaving US-controlled Tanf zone and set up Jleb mobile checkpoint. ... TEHRAN - Tehran's Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani blasted the..

the seven years of lies about assange won’t stop now

For seven years, from Julian Assange first sought refuge in Ecuadorean London, ing us we were wrong, that we were conspiracy theorists. ... For seven years, we have had to listen to chorus of journalists, politicians and experts telling us that Assange was nothing more than fugitive..

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