counting up trump's wins and losses in court

The win came from Richmond, Virginia, where three-judge panel for US Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed case brought by attorneys general from Maryland and District of Columbia about whether foreign visitors to Trump's Washington hotel violate Emoluments Clause of Constitution.. ..

was the korean war a just war? (part 1)

By controlling the makeup and influence of the native peoples in this way, Purely from libertarian, the US support of Rhee and others had the effect of regulating Korean life as if the country were defeated enemy and not friendly state liberated from common foe and with right to independence and..

irgc: we are a regional power after downing us drone

IRGC We are power after downing US drone. 1751 Views. Hossein Salami, said on Tuesday at conference of Corps Ground Force Mashhad that Iran is in all-out war with the enemy, adding, With the Grace of God we will not be defeated in any war on the ground.. ... This is not tolerable for the..

venezuela and international law : indybay

According to UN Charter, the US, Russia or China can use economic or military force against war crimes, ethnic cleansing or grave crimes against humanity.. ... The US seizure of Venezuelan oil firm and the blockade of oil sales by the US as pressure against Maduro is..

the price of simple dreams in cuba

What happens to us, Cubans with few resources who ca not cover ourselves sun cream, buy umbrellas and much less hats, or shirts to cover us up from the sun. while we wait and beg bureaucratic systems to update their out-dated glasses, many of us turn to trunk of clothes for..

iran, hezbollah preparing to attack israel?

In sharp contrast, the US, NATO, and Israel attack other nations aggressively, including over 70 years of undeclared Israeli war on Palestinians - supported by US.. ... Yukiya Amano should stress that Iran remains compliance to its JCPOA obligations while the US, Britain,..


Ayatollah Khamenei referred to Shinzo's remarks that the US intends to prevent Iran's of nuclear weapons, We are opposed to the nuclear weapons and my Fatwa bans production of nuclear weapons and you should know that the US could do nothing and its non-permission was not obstacle... ... ..

is a new tax needed for taxing times?

In the US the capacity for deficit spending has been extended by the role of the US dollar in global trade.  ... It would be beyond stupid for the US Government not to do everything possible to facilitate the success of a US based version.  ..

july 10, 2019

They made the quarter-finals two weeks ago at US Youth Match Racing Championship San Diego, and they've put time on SF Bay. ... The girls, from all over the United States, including several from Hawaii, will race for US Youth Women's Singlehanded Championship Laser Radials and 4.7s (..

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