the radical left is an infectious disease

There is also no one else to defend our way of life other than us. I have paid attention to the ongoing discussion about the Kurds and how PDT has given them away and etc etc etc, all with further laments about who will ever again be able to trust the US etc etc etc. ... These are the kinds..

the myth of nationalism

Similarly, the concept of the nation-state is Euro-centric, which emerged in 1648 with the treaty of Westphalia that marked the end of thirty years of war between European Protestants and Catholics. ..

trump is history and so is the usa

By overturning the voters will and driving, CIA, and FBI in the effort to use the hoax of Russiagate to in the US presidential election Trump out of office. ... The prosecutor of Ukraine has testified that he was fired on Joe Biden's orders, reinforced by the orders of the US to Ukraine..

the takeover of wbai in new york

But after that “forgotten” check-in-the-drawer incident, many of us concluded that if SaveKPFA were not actually planning some such scenario, then it could only be surmised that they were destroying both KPFA and Pacifica out of sheer stupidity. . ..

In Netanyahu’s current precarious political position, he can’t afford the slightest negative word from the US president, let alone an angry tweetstorm. ..

vaccination: most deceptive tool of imperialism

During the US of Philippines, Rockefeller Foundation George Vincent was quite in saying, Dispensaries and physicians have of late been penetrating areas of Philippine Islands and demonstrating the fact that for purposes of placating primitive and suspicious peoples medicine has some advantages over..

orin france, author at jurist - news

The ruling affirmed decision by judge for US District Court for Southern District of New York, who held that the interactive.. ... On October 11, 1872, Harlan Fiske Stone, Columbia Law School, US Attorney General under President Calvin Coolidge, US Supreme Court Associate..

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