us war in somalia kills civilians

In June 2018, United States of defence told US Congress that its military operations Somalia, including air strikes, had resulted in zero civilian casualties in 2017. ... The US conducted 14 air strikes Somalia in 2016, all aimed at members or supporters of al-Shabab, Islamist group that..

us calls off attack on iran

After the shooting down of US drone in Persian Gulf by Iranian National Guard President Trump deployed fighter jets to attack Iranian missile systems. ... The fact is, however, that Iran is free to do as it pleases on this matter now that the US has withdrawn from the agreement. ..

the right book at the right time

Nowhere in Smithsonian article is it mentioned that the US destroyed 25 villages in Russian Amur district alone or that America's democracy-spreaders burned the village of Ivanovka to ground, killing 1,300 inhabitants.. ... This article was posted on Friday, March 22nd, 2019 at 8 37am and is..

on the glorification of jacinda ardern

The climate of anti- Muslim racism which helped produce the fascist attack Christchurch has been created to justify US-led on terror. The posturing of Ardern and Labour Party Australia, Europe and the US has helped to create the foul in. ..


The number of drug overdose deaths involving fentanyl increased from 1,663 in 2011 to 18,335 in 2016, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report released Thursday, .. ... TEHRAN - US President Donald Trump's statement Washington should recognize Israel's over Golan..


In the fall of 2001, US planes and smattering of CIA operatives on Afghanistan helped Afghan forces rout Taliban Kabul. third of the nearly $4 trillion spent in fighting the war on terrorism could have brought US infrastructure up to what American Society of Civil Engineers, in 2001,..

another sign of climate change – lynn journal

But this past week's unprecedented events in the heart of our nation's bread basket should make all of us realize that no place on earth is safe from the devastating effects of climate change. By the forces of nature that await us if we do not change our ways immediately, It should be..

why did this just happen again?

In the US we've had all of that, plus extra helping of division to add degree of complexity to the great challenges in the struggle anywhere — and that is very much Australia as well, as did the US and New Zealand.. ... What they know of England as 7, the terror attacks on London..

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