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it was the US and Western Europe that provided Iraq with arms and money for war. ... worm, Stuxnet,  created by the US and Israeli hit Iranian systems in 2010, creating damage to computers that held part of the nuclear work. ..

pakistan presses u.n. to ban islam criticism.

It was up to us to explain to Western people the amount of pain they cause us when they ridicule or mock our Holy Prophet, Imran Khan.. It was up to us to explain to Western people the amount of pain they cause us Khan said at OIC's 14th Islamic Summit Mecca... ..

can the us-china crisis be stabilized?

Soviet Union's leaders told United States we will bury you and Soviet Union invaded and occupied foreign countries China may be competitor, and it's not seeking to destroy us, is not existential threat to us, and is not invading other countries. ..

morality – ridenbaugh press/publishing

Lewis took stab at this, suggesting three components to morality to ensure fair play and harmony between individuals to help make us good people order to have good society and to keep us in relationship with the power that created us.. ... including many or most of the choices..

'scholas occurrentes' arrives in the united

The arrival of Scholas Citizenship program in United States has been long-awaited dream, more specifically, in the city of Miami, where on Monday, June 24, 2019, the ceremony was held in the presence of top local authorities at Ponce de Leon Secondary School Coral Gables.. ..

trump: blood president or anti-interventionist?

Still, it needs to be said: The president himself authorized the steps that have brought us to this peril point. ... Does he want to run in 2020 as the president who led us into war with Iran, or as the anti-interventionist president who began to bring U.S. troops home from that region that..


TEHRAN - Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnasser Hemmati said on Wednesday that the US has run out of moves to pose further pressures on Tehran, adding that his country is restoring its position in the global oil market with increasing supply to its international customers through new..

joseph stromberg, author at original

This timeless article first appeared on June 20, 2000 I promised last week to go further into what Murray Rothbard teaches us about policy, peace, and war. ... Leave aside the claim of these people that US law prevails, or ought to prevail, everywhere in the galaxy, and just focus on..

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