the us empires strikes again at cuba

Later, measures were taken to intensify the war that the US has waged on Cuban people for almost 60 years, hoping that desperation would lead them to overthrow Cuban Revolution and reinstate capitalism like in pre-1959 Cuba.. ... The only place where human rights are violated Cuba is the..

the waste of now

What I’m saying is that our readers and some of our staff cheer us when we take on Donald Trump, but they jeer at us when we take on Joe Biden. ... But it is also filled with people who flat out don’t like us or who, as Jack Shafer put it, want us to be something we..

donald trump made 84 false claims last week

Facts First The US has not just now become the world's top producer it took the top spot in 2012, under Trump was accusing of perpetrating a war on the industry, according to the US Energy Information Administration. ... The US Energy Information Administration says on its..

giving time to time

By and those of us who had the integrity to pay the price of this life, The reality is that time went, were rewarded.. ... Attitudes and proactiveness should also go hand-in-hand with contemplation, introspection and reflection that lead us to consume what we need and do without the..

the united states of injustice revisited

The US is imperial state, warrior state, gangster state, crime boss state, Nazified fascist state, hugely debauched state, surveillance state, racist state, fear-mongering hate-mongering state, .. ... The war on drugs is war on the poor and people of color, feeding the US prison complex..

on us sanctions against russia

In response to the US sanctions, Russia remains calm, on multiple occasions that Russia has got used to the sanctions.. ... TEHRAN - US President Donald Trump's decision to cancel visit to Denmark next month spokeswoman stated on Wednesday... ..

These anti-Proposition 8 protests have erupted not only throughout the US, but also in several other countries. ... These events will have devastating effects on millions of US families as they lose their jobs and their homes to banks and their loved ones are sent off to war. . ..

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