‘how does the us compensate the world for the

JJ  I would like to start with what is problematic about overweening focus on Paris, ion that the US rejoining that accord would represent action, commensurate with the situation. ... JJ Let me just ask you, finally It sounds and the conversation, from this vague about the US taking..

bernard-henri lévy’s american requiem

Why does BHL think the US is withdrawing from Middle East   The reason is the US of Kurds.  ... Does the world need US leadership   The US thinks so.  Since at least World War Two, the US has acted on the belief that the rest of the world ca not get along..

mike pompeo to meet with vladimir putin in russia

Pompeo's trip, comes as Russia and the US stand on opposite sides on flashpoints around the world -- and as the administration's responses seem inconsistent. ... Trump and Putin discussed the report, during their call and on Saturday Trump emphasized his optimism about the future of the..

trump regime wars on multiple fronts

Islamic Republic's Foreign Ministry Abbas Moussavi responded, saying unilateral US actions against his country breach the basic principles and regulations of international relations, adding. responsibility for repairing the damages lies on US... ... China regrets that the US..

un / israeli settlements

Every decision the US administration has taken since, has confirmed its disregard for Palestinian lives and for Palestinian rights, and for the international consensus, and for the 4. ... al-Maliki said, every decision the US administration has taken since, has confirmed its disregard..


Iranian chief also criticized European Union's approach to US's anti- Iran policy, saying that the bloc was demanding that Tehran abide by accord. ... In 2018, all the other signatories , refused to follow the US example and confirmed their commitment to the accord, trying to save..

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