By the deployment of thousands of troops in and around the He failed to note the US sanctions and military threat to Iran Persian Gulf, and asked Iran to help him advance his mediation efforts.. The US anti- Tehran top aide,  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that Washington is ready to..

military reject aa’s casualty report

The military used excessive force and the army, navy and air force launched combined attacks on us,” Khaing Thuka told The Irrawaddy. . ... [It is the military] that attack us by saying they will crush us. It is not that we declared war on them,” he added. . ..

this outlaw power

Americans of the early generations accumulated prosperity and prestige for the US, while the current US administration behaves like generation by ruining the world's respect for US... ... Suffering from century of humiliation, Chinese nation has been accustomed to such..

beijing does not surrender to washington

While, until about ago, American and Western media spoke of Washington- Beijing in the future, we are now seeing sharpening of trade disputes between the two US and China. ... Farther west, of Louisiana received 2019 award from China General Chamber one of Chinese direct investments in..

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