one-minute hate in america

It distracts us and confuses us, and causes us to fear one another – usually with the idea that the fear will push us into ever more dependence on government and our betters. It causes us to vent our anger, and all of our emotions, making it easier for others to..

august 5, 2019

And, as stated in the recent US Sailing report from the crew-overboard fatality in the Chicago-Mackinac race, things can go horribly wrong, even with experienced crew on boats that have all the equipment on hand. . ... Sailors have benefited from this program from across the US and Canada. ..

asia times

little attention is paid to the US island territories and associated states in Western Pacific, they play key roles in strategic jockeying between Beijing and Washington. The Beijing appreciates the importance of this region and is working to undermine the US presence there.. ..

rescuing investors

Kris is a wizard at organizing our agenda, and moving us along. . The four of us have different backgrounds, but we all are passionate about educating and helping investors. ... We know that almost everyone who reads us will never become clients; we understand that of those who do..


In statement issued on June, IRGC said US Navy MQ4-C Triton surveillance drone was brought down by its Air Force near Kouh-e Mobarak region, after the aircraft violated Iranian airspace.. Tehran accused UK of doing Washington's bidding and helping the US attempt to stifle Islamic..

propaganda that keeps nuclear weapons in existence

A decision to kill us all would have to have been made and planned out but not yet acted upon prior to the long commute to the bunkers. ... We are told that war is natural, normal, somehow inherent within us. We’re told this and we believe it, even while knowing full well that most of..

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