john bolton's living obituary

Axis of Evil address, that the US should add Cuba, Libya and Syria to Iran- Iraq- North Korea axis on Uncle Sam's regime-change checklist. ... Most recently, Bolton, opposed any attempt to negotiate peace with Taliban, the only near-term hope for extracting US troops from endless,..

united way sets campaign goal at $1.25 million

., DA Davidson, Embark Credit Union, Energy West, FedEx, First Interstate Bank, General Mills, Great Falls Clinic, Great Falls College - MSU, Great Falls Public Schools, Hoven Equipment, Hub International, Montana Credit Union, NorthWestern Energy, Pacific Steel & Recycling, Scheels, Stockman Bank, Target,..

us human rights, double standards, hypocrisy

The US regards assuming the responsibility to supervise and criticize the human rights situation of other countries.. ... In, the reason why the US refused to join Human Rights Council in 2006 is also the hostility to Israel, one of the biggest violators of human rights in the world. ..

presstv-israel spies and spies and spies on us

Israel also manufactures pretexts to draw the US into new conflicts in Middle East, starting with Lavon Affair Alexandria Egypt in 1954 and including the flag attack on USS. ... GAO has concluded that Israel conducts the most against United States of any US ally.. ..

the atheist conservative: » any old faith?

If we perceive that some ways of living and surviving contributed to us by – say – Christianity (however they got there) are still useful, there is no reason why we shouldn’t go on trying to live by them.  ... True, more people here think (to us inexplicably) that the Trinity is more..

It didn’t stop us.” . 3:00 A.M. Benny Gantz speaks to Joint List's Ayman Odeh . ... The results may take us to the right.'   . 10:46 P.M. Tentative atmosphere at Kahol Lavan headquarters . ..

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