the us fertility rate and immigration

the reality is we do have in the US physical space, and in the economy for more workers and more consumers .. ... To pretend like these individuals are lazy good-for-nothings seeking to come leech off the in the US is to ) ignore the history of immigrants to the US and their..

after 7 years of deceptions about assange, the us

For seven years, from Julian Assange first sought refuge in Ecuadorean London, ing us we were wrong, that we were conspiracy theorists. ... For seven years, we have had to listen to chorus of journalists, politicians and experts telling us that Assange was nothing more than fugitive from..

pompeo in latin america

Ahead of Pompeo's Friday Santiago, Chile, MPs drafted legislation demanding President Sebastian Pinera reject US military Venezuela.. Friday on Chilean, Pompeo repeated the threat of US military in Bolivarian Republic, saying every tool, every option remains on the table, meaning..

phoenix in knightsbridge

initiated by the US delegation, it was condemned by the US and UK because its findings about ownership and control highlighted the conflict between Anglo-American media monopolies and the demands of developing countries for treatment of their communication and information needs.. This..

eu's collusion with iran

It was designed to preserve Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as Iran nuclear deal, after the US left the May 2018 and reinstated -- and broadened -- US sanctions on November 2018. ... No amount of human rights abuses, however atrocious -- or terrorism, even against its own..


US President Donald Trump, tried to distance from the arrest of Assange. ... TEHRAN - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that every tool for what he described confirming that military intervention is still amid the ongoing crisis in. ..

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