us: bill would shut doors to central americans

Scott Applewhite United States Senate Judiciary Committee on August 1, 2019, forwarded bill to Senate that would except shut US doors to Central American refugees, today. ... The Secure and Protect Act does none of these things, and the full US Senate should reject it... ..

what ails the us press?

The question of “What ails the US press?” is too big for one column or one case study. ... His report told us what didn’t happen during the 2016 election, but shed little light on what did happen, and why. . . ..

cuba, a long road to the metoo movement?

We know that very few women will want to go public with their stories, that they are still hesitant or afraid of repercussions, and they sometimes even feel guilty now is the time to leave all of this behind, we ca not make progress if we do not recognize what is going on around us. ..

presstv-israel's 'hasbara' propaganda group in us goes

US-based pro- Israel organization, Israel Project, been forced to close its Israel of complete shutdown due to sharp decline in support.. ... Despite Trump's strongly pro- Israel policy, the fall of the leading propaganda firm marks one of the latest signals of increasing negative public opinion..

rtw august 8, 2019

second round of US sanctions imposed on Russia over Skripal case shows the trumped-up nature of the investigation, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in televised interview on Rossiya channel.. ..

the growing mob mentality in the united

When the US expanded through strategy of killing Indigenous people order to steal their lands - with its economic growth largely relying on the labor of individuals. ... The tension between the myth that the US was created to emancipate all people and its exclusionary intent still..


TEHRAN - US President Donald Trump stated that he could win Afghanistan within week and did not want to kill million people... ... Washington Post reported that the number of US troops Afghanistan would be reduced to between 8,000 and 9,000 from the current 14,000, citing US..

columbus changed the world — adam smith institute

The US adopted Britain's Industrial Revolution and applied American know-how to it to develop new technologies that would impact on the lives of every person on the planet.. ... By embarking on the exploration of yet another new domain, Now the US is following in the footsteps of..

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