france fuels conflict in libya

It found that France has exported nonlethal electronics and weapons systems to Libya directly, while sending other Arab nations lethal weapons. While they had come from United Arab Emirates and were assumed to be of American, Pentagon investigated and proved them to be from France.. ..

france reopens contested jewish tomb in east jerusalem

But tensions between French authorities and Israeli nationalists and ultra-Orthodox Jews who seek open worship at the tomb and challenge France's ownership continue to make day to day operations problematic at the site.. ... In May 2019, Hekdesh sued French France's Supreme Court,..

the qatari takeover of france

Qatar announced last February, when Nicolas Sarkozy was still the President of France, that it was willing to invest €50 million ($65 million) in the French banlieues, the suburbs which are home to the vast majority of the six million Muslim immigrants in France. ... They assume that..

brexit and france

Fog in Channel Continent Cut Off, British newspaper headline, may not be account of relations with Europe, except there is continuation from President Charles de Gaulle to President Emmanuel Macron in attitudes of France to relations with Britain. . ..

france bans the burqa

Muslims France most hostile to the law are Salafists, fundamentalist stream similar to Wahhabis. Salafists only number, it's estimated, between 30,000 and 50,000 of France's Muslims and say they are ready to defy the law. ..

france: immigrant children being denied protection

By authorities elsewhere in, Human Rights Watch has found similar flaws with age assessment procedures Paris and has heard accounts of making France, suggesting that flawed procedures are problem across France.. ... Border police France's Hautes-Alpes department have returned..

france: gilets noirs storm the pantheon

We, immigrants without papers, residents of shelters and of the streets, occupy Panthéon, the graves of your great citizens to demand Prime Minister give papers to all undocumented migrants France. pic twitter com 2ZI3ZC72gc — Luke Butterly July 12, 2019. ... the leaders of the trade unions..

why france isn’t talking about europe

After such failure in France, Macron hardly seems the man to spur Europe into action. . ... Since then, the leader of France’s far right has given up on such ideas, and Britain’s misfortunes have convinced most in France that there’s nothing to be gained from them. ..

france – world tribune: window on the real world

Unreported ' Christianophobic attacks on France and Germany by WorldTribune Staff, April 16, 2019 Christian places of worship France and Germany being torched and vandalized on daily basis, Europe. ... From stunning 66 percent landslide win in the May 2017 elections to perilous free..

will the political face of france change?

 Simultaneously, she attempts to attract the attention of French citizens to as France's next president.. ... This is very good time indeed, social reforms France. . French National Rally President opened account on Macron's former supporters to change their minds, and as result,..

france: for a workers' government!

France is the country of June ‘36 and May ‘68: two general strikes that erupted from below, against the will of the union leadership. ... France Insoumise and the CGT, in particular, that Macron works for the capitalist class. ..

unrest in france: no end in sight

“Yellow vests” protests were being organized in the main cities of France. ... Guilluy, a geographer, published two books: La France périphérique (“Peripheral France”) in 2014, and, just weeks before the outbreak of the uprising, No society. ..

france warned by pro-hizbullah lebanese daily

January 25, 2019 article in Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, as emerging cooperation between France and Israel Syria. ... In their meeting during Israeli president's visit to France, he and his French counterpart between the two countries on Syria, on the intelligence and logistical levels,..

cesare battisti’s french connection - france

Cesare Battisti's return to Italy to serve life sentence prison may have followed arrest Bolivia after fleeing Brazil, and Italian government also took the opportunity to set its sights on France... ... Salvini's words refer to Italians who sought refuge France in the late 1970s early..

france – part ii

Besides Viet Minh Rebellion Indochina, there were serious internal problems France, and threatened coups and rebellions. ... This entry was posted in and tagged, France, French history, History, Paris, protests, rebellion, revolution, riots, senate, violence, Yellow Vests. ..

france: police crowd control methods maim people

France: Police Crowd Control Methods Maim People . Review Use of ‘Instant’ Tear Gas Grenades and Rubber Projectiles . . ... In 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Committee called on France to train law enforcement officials to stop them from using excessive force or nonlethal weapons..

vive la france!

But France that year have had long half-life, the residue of which is still French intellectual and life today.. ... I'll have to put off more complete consideration of France 68 for another time, and for now let us bask in the warm, fossil-fuel-powered glow of watching the climatistas..

russia behind yellow vest protests in france?

ASD's Bret Schafer was quoted, saying there's indication that there is interest in amplifying the conflict for audiences outside France, adding. ... The US-installed Kiev regime blamed Russia, saying ehind the back of peaceful protesters, they resort to the organization of riots and acts of..

uprising in france

The protests in France, symbolized by yellow vests, cover an increasingly large part of society. ... And now in France. And although in France there is practically no political contact between the right-wing populism of the National Front and the left-wing populism of Mélenchon,..

fracturing of france

Today, we know that there are 100 neighbourhoods France that have potential similarities with what happened Molenbeek., said France's then Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Patrick Kanner, in 2016. ... In France, six planned terror attacks have been foiled this year,..

1918-2018: france and germany mourn

By comparison, British built London in 1921 to honor Army of India that had France and Belgium, and another one Neuve La Chapelle, France, in 1927, where Sikh contingent lost 80% of its in March 1915. ... including 28 Soviet troops and Germans, while France, collaborating with..

brexit: a fantastic hope for france

Despite their rivalry, Dimitri de Vismes, delegate for French UPR party in UK believes Brexit poses great opportunities for both UK and France... ... With nearly 32,000 members, UPR is almost absent from French media coverage despite having the most attractive political website of France..

france: is there a way out?

The day, Friday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls made speech at the kosher market, declaring that without the Jews of France, France would not be France and deploring the fact that small except growing number of them are leaving the country out of fear. ..

'uk, france syria strikes doomed to fail'

UK, France airstrikes in Syria destined to fail: President Assad . Sun Dec 6, 2015 10:28AM . . . . . ... Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says airstrikes launched by the UK and France against purported positions of the Daesh Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country will be futile as the two..

the movement of france 5.

Published on July 31, 2013 European TV and Videos Idents 0 Comments Tags france 5... ... Created by Les Télécréateurs for French public service channel France 5, these idents are damn near perfect in their simplicity.. ..

france: rwanda rebel’s arrest sends strong message

. © 2009 AP Images - France of Rwandan leader for serious crimes in Democratic Republic of Congo sends strong that International Criminal Court is at work investigating crimes in Kivus and will pursue abusive commanders, today. ... France had jurisdiction over Mbarushimana's alleged in..

judge france retiring this year

France said the caseload was heavy, and he'll miss Judge Mark Thomas and the staff at district court... ... Downey, president-elect and member of the local nomination commission, said France is correct. ..

france reducing nuclear warhead arsenal

By being more ambiguous about the circumstances that might lead, Sarkozy shifted somewhat from the doctrine of his predecessor, Jacques Chirac, France to employ its nuclear weapons. ... The Federation of American Scientists, for 2008 that France had 348 nuclear weapons. ..

., france inch toward compromise on iraq

WASHINGTON -- The United States and France are moving toward compromise on Iraq that would oblige Bush administration to consult U.N. ... Each of the permanent members of Security Council -- United States, France, Britain, Russia and China -- has veto power.. ..

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