the root of the problem in venezuela

Probably the major concern of the Americans was that a former slave State with black political leadership and military defeated the leading lights of Western civilisation: France, Spain and England. ... According to Noam Chomsky (2006) in Failed States: The Abuse of Power And The Assault On..

labour uncut — inside labour politics

More fundamentally, these MPs remain trapped between the rock of being unable to advocate either Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May for prime minister and the hard place of electoral system that makes it reality that the minister will be either the leader of Labour or Tories.. ..

the battle before the united europe

Over the past few years, far-right movements have become active players in countries like Austria, Germany, Sweden, and France. ... In this case, there is no guarantee that the traditional and pro-EU parties in countries such as Germany and France will survive. . ..

unrest in france: no end in sight

“Yellow vests” protests were being organized in the main cities of France. ... Guilluy, a geographer, published two books: La France périphérique (“Peripheral France”) in 2014, and, just weeks before the outbreak of the uprising, No society. ..

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