the new spanish islamophobia

In 2017, affinity with France's Marine Le Pen for their protection of ' Christian Europe Le Pen, along with Netherland's far-right Geert Wilders, have supported Vox through expressing hopes that the party will gain seats May's European parliamentary elections. ..

the gertz file

U.S military is adding forces and bases Asia to counter a massive buildup of Chinese military forces and aggressive efforts by Beijing to expand Chinese, the commander of Indo- Pacific Command told Congress on Tuesday... ..

anti-semitism, israel and moral relativism

Even when Jewish claims to victimisation would seem to be beyond doubt, as in France with the attacks on Jews there, or with the increasing anti-Semitism in Britain, or with the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre, those one would have thought would be in the forefront of the defence are..

the war on the cross

Marie Louis XIV of France, as did La Salle when, at the mouth of Mississippi, he took possession, in the same name, of the region that Mississippi drains.. ... France awards its bravest soldiers Croix de Guerre, Sweden Grand Cross of the Order of Sword, Norway King Haakon VII Freedom..

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