the 'islamophobia' accusation

France suffered disruption last August One has the right to be Islamophobic... But in politically correct, western society like France, of course, there were, as to be expected, outcries against Pena-Ruiz's statement.. ..

terrorists and europe's "newspeak"

 During the past three years, thousands of Islamic immigrants from France, Germany, Britain and all other European countries, have gone to Syria, where they trained to be killing machines. In 2012, Mohammed Merah, French Islamist of Algerian descent, murdered rabbi and three children outside..

france bans the burqa

Muslims France most hostile to the law are Salafists, fundamentalist stream similar to Wahhabis. Salafists only number, it's estimated, between 30,000 and 50,000 of France's Muslims and say they are ready to defy the law. ..

the revenge of the elites

The vote drew the two parties further apart from each other, with Salvini accusing the M5S of bowing down to Germany and France, and betraying its Eurosceptic roots. ... Suffice to say that while the European Commission was berating Italy’s for its deficit, it was closing an eye to member states..

zahra ali

She also edited Féminismes Islamiques, first collection on Muslim feminist scholarship published France, translated and published German .You can find her webpages here and here.  ... ..

what is going on in iraq?

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi said on Friday that France’s “meddlesome and unacceptable” remarks about Iranian prisoner Fariba Adelkhah were unjustified, reminding that the detainee is enjoying full citizenship rights. . . . . ..

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