europe’s culture crisis

But tension between these two sets of values does Europe, Weiler argued, why people vote for right-wing nationalist politicians such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Marine Le Pen of France's National Rally party.. ..

frc blog

YAF Wins Landmark Free Speech Lawsuit, UC Berkeley To Pay $70,000 And Rescind Unconstitutional Policies Spencer Brown, Young America's Foundation 'In God We Trust Returning to Public Schools, Buildings More States Steve Warren, CBN News. ..

war in syria

Whereas France and Britain participated in the US airstrikes in Syria, Germany and the EU did not join in. ... The US, France and Britain hope to decide on a joint reaction to the presumed chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime in eastern Ghouta within the next few days. ..


Iranian Film Wins INALCO Prize in France . TEHRAN (FNA)- An Iranian feature film won a prestigious award at an international film festival in France. . . . .  .  . . . . ..

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