paul goble

Perhaps the most important geopolitical development of mid-July 2016 was not the continuing conflict in the South China Sea, the failed coup in Turkey, or terrorist violence in France—all of . . ..

civil conflict in the age of trump

Instead we should welcome confrontations, such as those over the caricatures of the Prophet in Denmark or the controversy over head scarves in France, as opportunities to move from a “lazy,” unthinking profession of tolerance to a “strenuous pluralism” that forces us to deal head-on with..

who won, and who lost, world war ii?

Rather Britain and France remained behind Maginot Line and waited until Hitler's armies stormed west on May 10, 1940, Churchill took power.. ... France would end the war lose African and Asian empire and then sustain defeats and Indochina in 1954 and Algeria in 1962.. ..

., france, britain may be complicit in yemen war crimes

By arming and providing intelligence and logistics support to, United States, Britain and France may be complicit war crimes Yemen Saudi-led coalition that starves civilians as war, United Nations said on Tuesday.. ... The legality of arms transfers by France, United Kingdom, United..

geneva / yemen report

Responding to question about which countries were involved in selling arms to Yemen's belligerents, Charles Garraway replied that certain States were well known to be supplying weapons that includes the United States, that includes United Kingdom and it includes France, to name and three. ..

pope on critics: it's 'an honor if the americans attack me'

Seneze, whose book was published in France on Wednesday, said he wanted to use the publication of Vigano's claims as a starting point even though criticism of Francis' papacy has earlier roots, including teaching documents about the environment and the injustices of the global economy. . ..

killing the ocean

The draft report obtained by Agence France-Presse (AFP) assesses the status of the oceans and cyrosphere. ... “Oceans Turning From Friend to Foe, Warns Landmark UN Climate Report”, Agence France Presse, August 29, 2019. [↩] . ..

will germany direct european imperialism?

Even in Europe, the mass movements that have developed France over the last three years and the unfinished move to the left of the main trade union, CGT, that the path of struggle is viable and that the battle to direct the anger of the masses toward the transformation of the existing society still..

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