United States has requested Germany, France and UK to join its military mission in Persian Gulf to Iran as tensions mount between United States and Islamic Republic.. ..

taxing wealth and capital income

France abolished its wealth tax in 2017 after many news articles noted that wealthy entrepreneurs and celebrities were fleeing the country. ... “France in 14bn-euro Tax Black Hole,” BBC News, May 28, 2014. And see Anne Penketh, “France Forced to Drop 75% Supertax after Meagre..

photos of the month: july

Swedish Greta Thunberg, Ivy-Fleur Boileau, Virgile Mouquet, Adelaide Charlier and Alicia Arquetoux, French activists from Youth for Climate movement, attend the questions to the session at National Assembly Paris, France, July 23, 2019. ... Hundreds of hot air balloons take part in Great Line at..

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