the wsj on us war plans against iran

Notably this has been US policy along with its Balkan wars, the rape of Yugoslavia, genocidal sanctions on Iraq, the early 90s Rwandan war and 1994 genocide to establish and solidify US influence in part of Africa dominated by France and Belgium. . ..

cesare battisti’s french connection - france

Cesare Battisti's return to Italy to serve life sentence prison may have followed arrest Bolivia after fleeing Brazil, and Italian government also took the opportunity to set its sights on France... ... Salvini's words refer to Italians who sought refuge France in the late 1970s early..

italy building anti-eu axis

Germany and France, the self-appointed guardians of European integration, responding to the challenge with ambitious counterplan to make European Union a more power on the world stage... ... Both countries will lobby for Germany to receive permanent seat on United Nations security council,..

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