should we fight a war on white terrorism?

Britain passed Public Order Act to restrict fascist demonstrations, and the government deployed it against communists the US Congress established House Un- American Activities Committee with the goal of exposing Nazis, only to turn it overwhelmingly against the left and France's Lellouche Law, has..

amazonia in flames

Today, on the occasion of another event, the meeting of G7 Biarritz, France, French President Macron accused Bolsonaro of lying about protecting Amazon area. ... Congo, Ecocide, Ecosystems, Environment, Forest Fires, France, Germany, Global Warming, Norway, President Emmanuel Macron,..

macron calls for a new global economic order

Seeking to justify the role of mediator between Iran and United States that Macron is carving out for France, French leader quoted one of his predecessors, World War II hero Gen. ... Macron said there will be meeting next month on Ukraine with the presidents of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and..

bakers dozen ™: what the regressives are pushing

And notice that it is yet another way to institute extreme changes to society, denigrate religion, and ensure a steady stream of madness to weaken society, disrupt peace, and destroy families. . the elimination of the constitutional electoral college, apparently with the intent of making us another..

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