We also talk about the power wielded by drug cartels Mexico, Russia and Japan moving toward resolving old dispute, France turning away from America and strengthening ties with China, and American Express bowing to Chinese pressure over Taiwan... France and China Cooperation... from..

nyc was almost 'la grosse pomme,' a new film says

Screening November 12 New York's French Cinema Week, the film featuring Florent Gaillard, glances briefly at this tantalizing, largely forgotten connection between France and New York. ... Angoulême honor of Francois, whose title the name of Western France that still retains good..

repatriate the children of the jihad

France has signed and ratified Convention on Rights of the Child adopted by UN General Assembly years ago this November 20. ... France's for foreign affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, was Baghdad on October 17 to discuss the transfer to Iraq of ISIS fighters held by Kurds Syria, no doubt..

the pilgrim church: the touchstone archives

This held until the nineteenth century, when local Christians began to serve as local agents of western European commercial and economic penetration, sought to establish schools on the western European model, and in areas that became colonial possessions of a European power (usually Britain or..

the berlin wall: a secret history

The reaction of the other two occupying powers, Britain and France, was even more ambivalent. . ... As for that other overstretched former imperial power, France still had several hundred thousand troops, mostly young conscripts, tied up in a vicious guerrilla war in Algeria. ..

france reopens contested jewish tomb in east jerusalem

But tensions between French authorities and Israeli nationalists and ultra-Orthodox Jews who seek open worship at the tomb and challenge France's ownership continue to make day to day operations problematic at the site.. ... In May 2019, Hekdesh sued French France's Supreme Court,..

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