regimes of evil: colonization continues

The British used Indians against Indians, Arabs against Arabs, South Africans against South Africans; France did similar things in North Africa; Spain and Portugal with the same tactic created empires and ruled vast lands and stole the resources of others. ... Passively and actively, as Foucault..

a brief history of the new afrikan prison struggle

The concept of prison ideology began to take form as far back as the reign of Louis XIV of France (1643-1715) when the Benedictine monk Mabillon wrote that: (P)enitents might be secluded in cells like those of Carthusian monks, and there being employed in various sorts of labor. (1) In 1790, on April..


Onstage in France: Spanish Takes on Sex, Violence and Social Change by . ... A Transgender Director Who Defies Genres (to France’s Confusion) by . ..

farsnews agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- France-based head of the notorious website and Telegram channel, Amad News, Rouhollah Zam was supported by several important spy agencies of the world states, a senior Iranian legislator said. . . ..


Italy, France and Germany have suspended arms sales. Tensions are heightening between Turks and Kurds in Germany, and will likely rise within Turkey as well. . ..

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