regimes of evil: colonization continues

The British used Indians against Indians, Arabs against Arabs, South Africans against South Africans; France did similar things in North Africa; Spain and Portugal with the same tactic created empires and ruled vast lands and stole the resources of others. ... Passively and actively, as Foucault..

q&a with angelo codevilla – tablet magazine

Which is not to say that America isn’t governed by an elite class, just like China, or Japan, or France is—only that the ability of that class to actually rule anything is even more constrained by the native culture. ... In France, with which you tell me you are acquainted, you have..

a brief history of the new afrikan prison struggle

The concept of prison ideology began to take form as far back as the reign of Louis XIV of France (1643-1715) when the Benedictine monk Mabillon wrote that: (P)enitents might be secluded in cells like those of Carthusian monks, and there being employed in various sorts of labor. (1) In 1790, on April..

who's afraid of roundup?

These include Health Canada, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Chemicals Agency, Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as well as health and regulatory agencies of France, Australia, New Zealand,..

the qatari takeover of france

Qatar announced last February, when Nicolas Sarkozy was still the President of France, that it was willing to invest €50 million ($65 million) in the French banlieues, the suburbs which are home to the vast majority of the six million Muslim immigrants in France. ... They assume that..


Onstage in France: Spanish Takes on Sex, Violence and Social Change by . ... A Transgender Director Who Defies Genres (to France’s Confusion) by . ..

farsnews agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- France-based head of the notorious website and Telegram channel, Amad News, Rouhollah Zam was supported by several important spy agencies of the world states, a senior Iranian legislator said. . . ..

the new world is emerging before us

The United Kingdom and France, which were still the world’s two leading powers twelve years earlier, were to witness the decolonization of their empires. ... After the mistakes of Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, France suddenly lost all credibility and influence. ..


Italy, France and Germany have suspended arms sales. Tensions are heightening between Turks and Kurds in Germany, and will likely rise within Turkey as well. . ..

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