vive la france!

But France that year have had long half-life, the residue of which is still French intellectual and life today.. ... I'll have to put off more complete consideration of France 68 for another time, and for now let us bask in the warm, fossil-fuel-powered glow of watching the climatistas..

what young americans should know about america

As France Burns, Germany Chooses ‘Mini-Merkel’ . . . As France Burns, Germany Chooses ‘Mini-Merkel’ . . . ... France is suffering its worst protests since the 1960s. Over 100,000 took to the streets in France to protest for the fourth weekend in a row. ..

government news 12/12

Ho Chi Minh City ceremony marks Vietnam-France diplomatic ties . . . Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen  . . . ... France now ranks 16th among 100 countries and territories investing in Ho Chi Minh City with two-way trade hitting 867 million USD last year...


A number of Western countries, the US, the UK, and France in particular, are accused of being complicit in the ongoing aggression as they supply the Riyadh regime with advanced weapons and military equipment as well as logistical and intelligence assistance. . an Oxfam representative stated that the..

justice moves ahead in the central african republic

On December 12, Patrice Edouard Nagaissona, one-time self-declared coordinator of anti-balaka militias, was arrested France on International Criminal Court charges. ... Nagaissona is the second arrest in in ICC's more in Central African Republic, thanks to the cooperation of authorities..

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