attacks on women’s rights in poland

During the 2017 universal periodic review of Poland, the governments of France, Canada, Finland, and Mexico called for the government to uphold the rights to freedom of assembly and expression, including for civil society organizations.. ..


France's Yellow Vest Protesters Join Union March, A First . TEHRAN (FNA)- France's yellow vest protest movement joined ranks Tuesday with a major union, a first for both, in a day of nationwide protests over taxes and buying power that brought tens of thousands into the streets. ..

bolshevism, the civil war, and stalinism

Famine, unemployment, the liquidation of revolutionary cades, the elimination of the masses from the leadership of the country, all this brought about such overwhelming moral and weariness of the masses that the people of Paris and the rest of France needed 37 years rest before starting new..!/quality/90/?

with a nuclear warning shot at russia, france proves its

France sent powerful rebuke to Russia on Tuesday when it announced that it had conducted nuclear strike exercise.. ... Alongside France's nuclear -- Triomphant, Terrible, Téméraire, and Vigilant — America's oldest is showing new commitment to confronting shared challenge. ..

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