‘how the west eats its children’

In France, tens of thousands of SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises), subcontractors of industry, had gone bankrupt over the last ten years, but their compulsory tax deductions, already among the highest in the world, increased by 30 % over the same period. . ... Taking into account what is..

committee for a workers' international

Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of France Insoumise, and the candidate who got over million votes in the first round of the last election, called for protesters to Paris and other cities for 'Act of Saturday demonstrations. The forces of CWI France Gauche Revolutionnaire and supporters from..

russia behind yellow vest protests in france?

ASD's Bret Schafer was quoted, saying there's indication that there is interest in amplifying the conflict for audiences outside France, adding. ... The US-installed Kiev regime blamed Russia, saying ehind the back of peaceful protesters, they resort to the organization of riots and acts of..

poujade: menace or promise?

It's curious, fact, that the Mendes- France forces, perfectly agreeable to seating 150 Communists in Assembly and accepting their votes, wanted to bar Poujadists from taking their seats. ..

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