the left's march to a one-party state

Don't let anybody tell you that in 1938 in the Munich crisis that Germany could've defeated France and England and the Soviet Union and Poland and Czechoslovakia, which had 40 divisions and one of the largest munitions works in central Europe.  Everybody knows if England had stood up,..

mecron's political stroke at elysee palace

France's unrests had also affected Benelux region. This is while the governments of Germany and France no longer have the power to control and manage the crisis ..  As it was mentioned, the beginning of the new round of Europe's general crisis from France has complicated..

france – world tribune: window on the real world

Unreported ' Christianophobic attacks on France and Germany by WorldTribune Staff, April 16, 2019 Christian places of worship France and Germany being torched and vandalized on daily basis, Europe. ... From stunning 66 percent landslide win in the May 2017 elections to perilous free..

“far right” is the new term for being sane

Democracy Dies Darkness ) spends the whole article discussing how various far-right figures and forces, from France's Marine Le Pen to Germany's Alternative for Germany, got angry at Islamist terrorist attacks that targeted churches among other locations and killed some 300 people. ..

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