shattering europe?

It's telling that Trump favors the most European governments and movements, the ones that peddle bigotry, while choosing to pick fights with the leaders of Britain, Germany, and now France. ..

breaking algeria’s economic paralysis

Largely as a result of this history and associated trauma, it saw no significant unrest in 2011, and the ruling establishment, while oft-criticised, retains historic legitimacy stemming from the war of national liberation with France as well as popular support, in part due to the absence of clear..

great moments in regulation

According to IEA, France is sitting on 80% of Europe's frackable gas enough to keep the country self-sufficient energy for centuries. But Macron government has just banned, fracking, and any extraction of any fossil fuels whatsoever on France... ..

french rise up against fuel tax hikes

Macron's government says the higher fuel taxes are key part of plans to wean France off fossil fuels and move the country toward transportation. ... On Sunday, Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin was the duty to make the nation dependent on oil, the Agence France-Presse reported.. ..

cardinal parolin on post-word war i diplomacy - zenit

At the time, Pontiff sent the head of his diplomacy Extraordinary Secretary of Ecclesiastical Affairs Bonaventura Cerretti, to France, Belgium, the United States and England to promote, on behalf of the national episcopate and of Catholic public opinion, action on the respective governments in the..

the macron delusion

This fantasy of Macron might offer modicum of comfort to distressed liberals, and France is very different. ... Many France see the president, Énarque and former Rothschild banker, as dismissive of the concerns of ordinary voters. ..

macron calls for more unified, independent europe

trade conflicts and migration, France- Germany partnership has the duty to prevent the world from sliding into chaos, said French president... Artists played the music from WWI period, while military trumpeters from Germany, France and Britain blew the mourning horns... ..

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