france: police crowd control methods maim people

France: Police Crowd Control Methods Maim People . Review Use of ‘Instant’ Tear Gas Grenades and Rubber Projectiles . . ... In 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Committee called on France to train law enforcement officials to stop them from using excessive force or nonlethal weapons..

the war against globalism

Some commentators looking somewhat more deeply at France have even suggested that the real issue just might be regime change, that Macron government had become so disconnected with many of the voters through both its policies and the rhetoric justifying them that it had lost its legitimacy and..

justice moves ahead in the central african republic

On December 12, Patrice Edouard Ngaissona, one-time self-declared coordinator of anti-balaka militias, was arrested France on International Criminal Court charges. ... Ngaissona is the second arrest in in ICC's more in Central African Republic, thanks to the cooperation of authorities..

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