the democrats won't defeat trumpism

Nevertheless, the business press reports that business organizations are looking to hire Democrat-connected lobbyists, Democrats will end up controlling at least one house of Congress.. After all, these were same Democrats who, in 2018, made show of shutting down the government..

a left case against the democrats

Democrats New Deal Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded to his business critics by claiming that he was the best friend the profits system ever had and identifying as the savior of the system of private profit and free enterprise... ... For the century it has been Democrats assignment to..

democrats stand with foreign rioters

Democrats who are challenging the tactics of Border Patrol agents to repel the invasion of thousands of illegal aliens while demanding that these aliens be granted asylum is encouraging still more aliens from around the world to head for the borders of United States.. ..

the voters democrats need to win over

By decrying the economy, Bernie Sanders got 72 percent of the votes from Democrats under in the 2016 primaries in part. ... As of this writing, the results of the midterm elections are unknown, and one thing is Democrats have banked lot on the prospect that their voters anger can..

» democrats liberal values

The midterms were a mixed success for the Democrats in 2018. Most notably the Democrats took control of the House, but unfortunately this probably means Nancy Peolsi returns as Speaker. ... Congressional Democrats will also be able to take over the investigation if needed. ..

democrats begin to fold their tents

The race for Governor of Georgia between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams was not close. ... Stacey Abrams halted her run for Georgia Friday, and Democrat would not concede the contest to Republican Brian Kemp and planned to launch voting rights group to file major..

the democrats’ leftward march

This is all long preface for setting up notice of Thomas Edsall's in New York Times, Democrats Left Turn Is Not Illusion.. ... Maybe this is related to the polls showing surprising levels of black approval of Trump, and the apathy of Hispanic voters about Democrats.. ..

democrats, media press kavanaugh sexual assault campaign

Democrats, media press Kavanaugh sexual assault campaign. FBI background check of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh has begun under terms laid down by Trump White House and Senate Republican leadership. ... bipartisan deal was negotiated in which Senate Democrats agreed to support FBI..

democrats try to throw bush off-balance

WASHINGTON -- When Democrats forced Senate into session this week to discuss whether President Bush twisted intelligence to justify Iraq war, it was more than one-time assault on Republican-controlled Congress.. ... Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader, tried unsuccessfully to launch inquiry into..

democrats spin conspiracy theory around rove

Democrats and liberal groups are seizing on the story as proof of their more sweeping charge that Bush has put loyalty and ahead of national security... ... Republicans dismissed Democrats condemnations of Rove as motivated name-calling and accused Democrats of using the episode..

democrats seek more hate-crime protections

By expanding federal laws that provide harsher penalties for crimes motivated by race, WASHINGTON -- Democrats urged Congress yesterday to approve new protections for gays and lesbians, religion or national origin.. ... Gephardt, Missouri Democrat, was outraged that Republican leaders..

progressive movement stirs democrats

Many of BNC people, including Exley, Trent, Chakrabarti and Rojas, abandoned the idea to join Justice Democrats, formed in early 2017 with mission to rebuild the party to align with agenda. One race that may help answer the question is Omaha, Don Bacon, in district with 13,000 more Republicans..

the cia democrats: part three

The CIA Democrats: Part three . From the State Department to Capitol Hill . ... Reel is one more example of a candidate from the “black ops” section of the military running as a Democrat. ..

the cia democrats: part two

The CIA Democrats: Part two . Agents and war commanders . By Patrick Martin . 8 March 2018 . ... Dan Feehan is running to succeed incumbent Democrat Tim Walz in the 1st Congressional District of Minnesota, after Walz announced his candidacy for governor of that state. ..

the cia democrats: part one

DCCC has designated 102 seats as priority or competitive, including 22 seats and 80 seats where Republican incumbents could be defeated for in the event that polls predicting sizeable swing to Democrats November prove accurate.. ..

have the democrats evolved?

it's hard to believe that Democrats once branded themselves as the party of the people. ... With third parties off the table given American electoral system and little prospect for movement, the most that can be done is to strip away Democrats precious sense of their own probity — to..

more power for democrats - trump under the gun?

In the US elections Democrats have won in House of Representatives. For their part Democrats, bolstered by their in House of Representatives, are facing long selection process entailing phase of the party redefining between the moderate and progressive wing and the profiling of its..

democrats fractured over obama’s war powers

But the bipartisan votes in both houses of Congress on less controversial motion to fund the training supply of moderate rebels fighting ISIS Syria seemed to some primarily Democrats abdication of Congress's obligation to weigh in on matters of war and peace.. On Sunday talk shows and in comments..

results from 5th district, democrats

Bysiewicz ran a biting television commercial on that point, which Murphy and numerous Democrats derided as a lie. ... At Christmas 2009, Bysiewicz was the leader in the polls for governor – ahead of Democrats Dannel P. ..

norco democrats elect garvin chairman

With the in 2008, there were lot of engaged Democrats, .. lot of them I think, they look at the existing party structure, the quo as not to their liking... ... Organizing for America is looking forward to working with the county party to help elect Democrats November, said OFA state..

nader wants feds to investigate state democrats

Independent Ralph Nader called Thursday for investigation of his removal from Pennsylvania ballot, House Democrats up in Bonusgate scandal aided in the effort.. ... Hall read aloud from series of 2004 news releases, issued by DeWeese, describing Democrats challenging Nader's petitions.. ..

woman to lead state democrats

Woman To Lead State Democrats . . Retired Educator Has Commanding Support In Central Committee . . ... Democrats held the first selectmen's office in Trumbull for 17 of her nearly 21 years as town chairwoman, despite Republicans holding an edge in voter registration, she said. . ..

social democrats win in berlin

BERLIN -- Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats to Berlin elections Sunday, giving them choice of partners that could return East German communists to in the capital for the time since German reunification. Incumbent Klaus Wowereit, the first openly mayor of German city, led Social..

german election favors conservative democrats

German Election Favors Conservative Democrats. BERLIN - Germany's governing Social Democrats took their second beating in in elections Sunday, extending string of setbacks for Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, according to preliminary results. Christian Democrats took about..

dodd defends democrats, assails gop fund-raising

Dodd, Connecticut Democrat who has headed the party since January 1995, last week he would consider making John Huang -- the fund-raiser and former president of Lippo Group USA -- available to the press... ... Republican Bob Dole and other party leaders have criticized Democrats for..

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