poll: stefanowski closes in on lamont

Republican Bob Stefanowski has whittled Democrat Ned Lamont's lead down to 3.4 percentage points, putting the in statistical tie, according to new poll released Tuesday by Sacred Heart University and Hearst Connecticut Media Group.. ... The new poll also found voters Democrats in the..

the democrats’ leftward march

This is all long preface for setting up notice of Thomas Edsall's in New York Times, Democrats Left Turn Is Not Illusion.. ... Maybe this is related to the polls showing surprising levels of black approval of Trump, and the apathy of Hispanic voters about Democrats.. ..

the plot against the supreme court

During much of the century, the risk of Republican president appointing conservatives to the Court was slight because Democrats often controlled Senate and GOP judicial bench was often drawn from establishment that had defined Republicans of the past. ..

“compelling state interest”

Sanctuary cities and States generally occupied by left leaning, Liberal & Socialist Democrats speciously claim local voting rights for Illegal Aliens, and authority to violate Constitution and even give prisoners the right to vote, Is not this just slavery of the masses.. By signing whatever buys..

mobs and mobsters

Democrats produce mobs while Republicans produce jobs works.   The rhyme is worth three points in election cycle.. ... Democrats dream... Republicans lie.   And they want you to die.  So they can have your slice of the pie... ..

2017 april

It is not about an issue that mark us as Democrats vs. Repubilicans, liberals vs. conservatives, pro-life vs. pro-choice, higher vs. lower taxes, amnesty for immigrants vs. big, beautiful border walls, diplomacy vs. bombing No. ..

review: "snowden" by ted rall

The fact that we’re even able to know and talk about this is due mainly to Edward Snowden, who I’m sure you’ve heard of—though what you’ve heard might not be true, if you’re getting your info from said MSM, who are just churning out the lines our federal government (Democrats and..

technoccult articles in october, 2010

After only two years, we’re suddenly ready to give control back to the Republicans just because the Democrats haven’t been able to reverse the damage that the GOP spent eight years creating? But, even with a near super majority, the Democrats haven’t enacted anything even approaching..

governor's race draws national headlines

South Dakota's election has people tuning in from all over the country, as Billie Sutton tries to become Democrat in 44 years... ... New York Times piece on the race examines the woes of Democrats statewide and speaking with supporters of both candidates.. ..

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