hillary clinton – the 'human spittoon'

Among those excuses were sexism, the media, the electoral system, Democratic National Committee, Democrat Party, women, Americans, technology, deplorables, and, laughably, that she was too honest... ... In 1973, fresh out of school, she depended on powerful man, Jerome Zeifman, Democrat,..

center for american progress

By human rights advocates and lawmakers, The body, called the Commission on Unalienable Rights, has been greeted with skepticism, that State Department already possesses highly respected bureau focused on monitoring and responding to human rights conditions across the world. ..

the war on climate

The fact that declaration has no meaning is part of its power.  it can be debated and challenged.  And no, sadly it's not stunt.  The emergency is escalation on the path to declaration of war on climate change.. ..

brexit and france

Johnson now needs gift of alchemy, recognizing that Brexit summit is in sight, and it's shrouded cloud.  On Saturday October, House of Commons will vote on the agreement with EU. . ..

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