We see lot of this this past in the impeachment of Donald Trump, and Democrats, to lesser extent during this trial, do the same. ..

halting the march of democracy

I'll explain later in the article what I mean by that ) went full on Democrat Majority, and among the most laws the commies of the party of the donkey have put into place have been gun control laws that are ready to move into full on confiscation mode... ..

john delaney drops out of democratic presidential race

John Delaney announced Friday that he's dropping out of Democratic presidential race, ending long-shot bid that saw Maryland Democrat spend millions of his own fortune only to fail to gain any traction in the 2020 race... ... Delaney said Sanders was not Democrat, he railed against the..

d'oh! looks like democracy dies in diversity

Democrats know better. Oh, the founding population, they expect, will naively hitch its existential survival to a political dispensation called liberal democracy. . ... But they are highly aggressive politically and reliably Democrat. . By the Economist's telling, 'Capitol Hill, for..

january 31st ups & downs

Democrats think this is their best chance at regaining control of both chambers in the awhile, and the ratings analysts at the Cook Political Report say that the odds still lean in Republicans favor. ..

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