the ultimate fake news

How successful have Democrats been in propagating that myth. This survey by The Economist and YouGov suggests that they have been successful beyond their wildest dreams. ... And yet, two-thirds of Democrats say it's either definitely true or probably true that Russia tampered with..

the voters democrats need to win over

By decrying the economy, Bernie Sanders got 72 percent of the votes from Democrats under in the 2016 primaries in part. ... As of this writing, the results of the midterm elections are unknown, and one thing is Democrats have banked lot on the prospect that their voters anger can..

blaming the victim in the digital age

In down world of Leftist Democrat identity politics, society accepts the interpretation and the victim is being blamed for not surrendering to the demands of the victimizer. ... Leftist Democrats in United States and Labor party England have been exposed for embracing the anti-semitic..

q&a forum: november 19, 2018

Glasser is defending CNN. they've been pro-Democrats posted on November 19, 2018 at 10 45 pm fake news is getting her panties in bunch over Sheridan commenting on cnn... #2867880, posted on November 19, 2018 at pm. ..

american't: from midterms to end times

If it was not, it should be obvious now that Democrats have seized House in Watergate-level rout.. ... and 80 percent of that group breaks Democrat, it means net plus for Democrats of 300,000 voters every year and three million every decade.. ..

» democrats liberal values

The midterms were a mixed success for the Democrats in 2018. Most notably the Democrats took control of the House, but unfortunately this probably means Nancy Peolsi returns as Speaker. ... Congressional Democrats will also be able to take over the investigation if needed. ..

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