a dictatorship, if you can keep it

Republican critics of President Trump are ready to vote for a Democrat in November, save Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: .   . ... Starr is an interesting choice for the president's legal team, given his role in the push for Clinton's impeachment, which Democrats denounced as a politically..

why john bolton won’t win his war on trump

For those of you looking -- praying -- for break from Democrats farce, there's new and very positive polling from Fox News and Gallup on the economy. ... In interviews on major networks, Republicans appeared unmoved by House Democrats opening arguments for Trump's removal and reiterated..

the democrats won't defeat trumpism

Nevertheless, the business press reports that business organizations are looking to hire Democrat-connected lobbyists, Democrats will end up controlling at least one house of Congress.. After all, these were same Democrats who, in 2018, made show of shutting down the government..

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