thai media project – march 2009

The factor is he continues to make his moves and Abhisit Vejjajiva's and Democrat Party focuses lot on Thaksin Shinawatra.. ... Maew-analogue policy to fight Democrat government is being defeated by Dark Blue Digital Exorcist in the area and facing PAD's seizing the in the provinces.. ..

friends of the court - politics

Democrats unveiled a new healthcare bill on Tuesday to protect some provisions of the Affordable Care Act. . ... The Green New Deal, liberal Democrats’ proposal to deal with climate change, unanimously failed on the Senate floor Tuesday as Democrats dodged taking a position and..

devos says trump budget means 'freedom' in education;

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Democrats,  who now control House, spent much of Tuesday appropriations hearing talking over and past each other students civil rights, and the in cuts President Donald Trump wants in education funding. . ... And Democrats are strong supporters of..

trade policy

But given recent polling showing that Democrats are more supportive of free trade these days, it might be smart if other Democrats took a different approach. . . . ..

Have you noticed how since number of women have announced they're running for president of United States that the nebulous term likability has returned to the conversation like. ..

chicago boyz » predictions

On the other hand, Governor Wolf sent tax increase bill to the House, forcing Democrat members to vote on it and Republicans were happy to accommodate him 73 Democrats walked the plank for their leader and 9 refused, creating in Democrat ranks. ..

russia and the democrats

What this implies is that the wisdom amongst bourgeois Democrats — the bosses, bank managers, academics, realtors and administrative class, looks to be what it's combination of class loathing that their 'lessors did not perceive the munificent blessing of their choice mass delusion on... ..


TEHRAN (FNA)- US President Donald Trump on Thursday renewed his threat to close off the Southern border in a tweet also attacking Mexico and Democrats over immigration. . . . . ..

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