un calls for dialogue to ease tensions in venezuela

The UN political official told Security Council on Saturday that dialogue and cooperation were vital to ending Venezuela, and during contentious debate, Council's members disagreed over the appropriate response to mass political protests in South American country and competing claims to the presidency... ..

trump: in third year with three charges

For their part, Trump's Democrat rivals have campaigned against him in a guerrilla-style, hoping to kill his hope of a second term with a thousand cuts. . ... By making themselves prisoners of these charges, the Democrats may have blocked the path for serious debate on key issues of..


TEHRAN - Police officials Khuzestan province announced that terrorist and separatist group has claimed the responsibility for Saturday attack on Law Enforcement Police officers at Imam Khomeini port... ..


Among both Democrats and Republicans, lawyers are staggeringly overrepresented They constitute less than 1 percent of the population and more than one-third of House. ... Seventy percent of veterans in House are Republicans — and Democratic women elected in 2018 made their military experience..

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