china supports conviction of ‘ivory queen’

By closing its ivory markets, China is showing its commitment to ending the poaching plaguing Africa's elephants, Ginette Hemley, WWF US Senior Vice President and TRAFFIC Board Member, ment sent to Global Times by WWF December 2017.. ... Sun Quanhui, senior at NGO World Animal Protection, told..

war with china? it’s already under way

We assess that China's leaders will try to extend the country's global economic, political, and military reach while using China's military capabilities and overseas infrastructure and energy investments under Belt and Road Initiative to diminish U.S influence... ... In example of this..

standing together on trade with china

Chinese government subsidies enabled China to become the producer between 2000 and 2011, and that utility is China  Then, with the benefit of subsidies, China doubled its aluminum output between 2011 and 2015.. ... United States will take all appropriate actions to ensure that..

china plans space based solar power

China plans to build and launch small to medium-sized power stations into the stratosphere to generate electricity between 2021 and 2025. ... Read next « China Wants to Integrate Greater Bay Area into Tech Hub Challenger to Silicon Valley... ..

a long war of attrition with china

We assess that China's leaders will try to extend the country's global economic, political, and military reach while using China's military capabilities and overseas infrastructure and energy investments under Belt and Road Initiative to diminish U.S influence... ... In example of this..

china debt clock

By the central and local governments of, China's debt is the sum of all owed China through the issue of debt instruments. ... estimate by China's National Institute of Finance and Development, reported by the South China Morning News April 2018, revealed hidden debts..

us ‘trying to disrupt’ china-cee ties

Washington is also concerned about China's growing presence, in particular the expansion of Huawei Technologies, the biggest telecoms maker, Hungary and Poland, .. On the issue of Huawei and 5G, the US intends to use its security to push China's economic influence out from the region, ....

on china, the us public stands apart

Why is not American public the media, and even many China specialists. ... Third, despite the administration's of China as security issue, both the administration and the media devote much more attention to threats from Russia, North Korea, and Iran than they do to China. ..

religious freedom, trade talks, and china

Religious Freedom, Trade Talks, and China. discussion with Bob Fu of China Aid and other special guests, moderated by FRC's Travis Weber The de-linking of trade and human rights China decades ago has not advanced human rights and in that country indeed, trend for the worse. ... ..

evaluating threats to religious freedom in china

February 5, 2019 Evaluating Threats to Religious Freedom China live now... ... President, Taiwan Association for China Human Rights.. Threats to China were on the in 2018, especially after Chinese government instituted its new Regulations on Religious Affairs February 2018. ..

china: tibetan children banned from classes

“Preventing Tibetan children from contact with monks and monasteries will only fuel Tibetan fears that China aims increasingly to restrict Tibetan culture and religion.” . ... “That’s the real threat to Tibetans and China’s other religious minorities.” . . . . ..

why europe needs china

The flags of China and European Union. The main approach of European policy-makers relied on the assumption that EU model could be replicated across the world. ... The beginning of 2019 finds EU still skeptical about China, to be reserved in granting contracts to Chinese firms. ..

china-canada row: judicial recriminations fly

The dispute between the two countries broke out chief of Huawei, China's giant, on December Vancouver, at the request of United States. businessman, and Michael Kovrig, diplomat, both of whom are charged with endangering China's security and sentenced to death Robert Schellenberg, another..

us economic war on china

For Republicans and Dems, China poses existential threat to US global economic dominance, including the advancement of its Indo-Pacific military footprint.. Washington wants China checked, economically, financially militarily, Russia and Iran targeted the same way.. ..

china preparing for war

The world is facing period of major changes never seen in century, and China is still in period of opportunity for development.  . Xi ordered stepped up military training and exercises, saying China's armed forces must prepare for comprehensive military struggle from new starting..

hostile us legislation targets china

anonymous US source was quoted saying hile we are focused on ongoing operations, acting Shanahan told the team to China, China, China... ... Confronting provocation, China must clarify our attitude, not being afraid to pay some prices, order to set up rules that all..

china and india conduct military drills

The arrest of Huawei's chief, Meng Wanzhou, Canada on December 6, at the request of United States, has angered China and led to backlash of revenge hostages.. Just so is China's leading hi-tech company element of the war plan to dominate the world of the future has exposed the campaign..

us, china agree to trade war ceasefire

BUENOS AIRES — China and United States agreed to in their bitter trade war on Saturday including no escalated tariffs on Jan 1.. ... United States is unhappy with what it says is WTO's failure to hold China to account for not opening up its economy as envisioned when China..

the china trade reality show

When the dust settles, America and China will have deal that allows Trump to claim victory and allows China to become the dominant economy... ... As matters stand, nothing will prevent China from becoming the economy by 2035 except, of course, missteps by China itself.. ..

zeihan, japan and china

Other where USA tariffs all China's goods and China retaliates and Trump picks trade fights with some other nations, there will not be the disorder or trade collapse that Zeihan described from now to 2040.. Nextbigfuture predicts that Japan will not get within ten percent of..

neocons want war with russia and china

On departure for G-20 gathering Buenos Aires, President Donald Trump canceled his planned weekend meeting with Vladimir Putin, citing as his reason Russian military's seizure and holding of three Ukrainian ships and 24 sailors.. ..

china eyes argentina nuclear deal

BUENOS AIRES WASHINGTON Argentina and China aiming to close deal within days for the construction of South American power plant, dollar project that would cement Beijing's deepening influence in key regional US ally... ... China's to Argentina can be attributed to three factors natural..

china: a new philosophy of economics

On the domestic and international front, Belt and Road Initiative the New Silk Road is China's President Xi's phenomenal geo-economic initiative to connect the world from China with several transport routes and develop in first step Western China, Eastern Russia, Central Asia and..

china speeding up large-scale military buildup

Today, United States and its allies and partners are facing China more capable increasingly in its ability to use the military says the annual report of U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission.. ... the danger will grow that deterrence will fail and China will use..

hong kong (china)

Five Hong Kong residents associated with publisher known for producing books that are critical of China's leaders disappeared late 2015 and were thought to be in the custody of mainland authorities, raising fears that Beijing had disregarded the territory's laws and autonomy.. ... IFJ's report..

china infiltrates american campuses

Chinese officials in 2004 and 2007 threatened then Columbia University Robert Barnett, Tibet expert, that if he did not adopt more favorable view of China's policies they would -- heavens -- stop speaking to him.. Barnett, for instance, was also the target of effort, by Chinese at Columbia and..

the us-china trade war

The important consequence of U.S retaliatory measures would be re-globalizing China's trade with the US and it would be end of China's trade and China would be emerging while U.S might see slump as predicted by many economists.. The rise of China and the demise of..

a new cold war with china?

In effect, Cropsey wants to apply the strategy that helped end Cold War to America's growing conflict with China. ... Cropsey's plan overlooks another critical difference between the Sino- U.S and Cold War Soviet Union was China is rising. ..

-china cybersecurity dilemma

.- China relations, even 'minor change like this sends Chinese government signal that America views China as potential adversary.. ... Michael Schmitt and Liis Vihul have observed that China is one of three state-parties, along with Cuba and Russia. ..

worse than a cold war with china

Many of America's friends Asia are not prepared to ally militarily against China even as Beijing occupies and fortifies tiny islets in China seas and advances its territorial claims. ... While China has attempted and often exploited the US and others infringing on or stealing..

presstv-china slams us claims on south china sea

China's Foreign Ministry has slammed claim by United States that one of its warships was harassed by China in the South China Sea, insisting that Beijing holds indisputable sovereignty over its islands and surrounding waters there... ... United States has sent warships thousands..

the china post

NUSA DUA, Indonesia — Escalating trade tensions between U.S and China could undo global progress in helping end poverty, World Bank... ..

is china or russia the american enemy?

All of this was in keeping with President Donald Trump's blunt insistence that we've found that China has been attempting to in our upcoming 2018 election coming up November against my administration, and, ly, that they do not want me, to win because I am the president ever to challenge..

is china interfering in american politics?

Accordingly, China has long pursued wide-ranging and very campaign to influence the political and environment of other countries, including United States. He called for China to innovate propaganda methods, and strengthen language that is understood and accepted by foreign publics,..

china urges peace in korean peninsula

China urges solution to Korean Peninsula tensions. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaks during press conference 2017 China has called on all sides of the conflict on Korean Peninsula to work for solution and try to ease tensions between Koreas... ..

crackdown in china: worse and worse

China Daily Reuters Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, right, with Wang Qishan, Beijing, March 2015. ... The son of professor and student of history, he has headed up China Construction Bank and also handled China's financial and commercial affairs under Hu..

sa, china push for stronger ties

South Africa and China will support each other in hosting BRICS Summit this year and next year, adding that South Africa- China comprehensive partnership is robust and full of vitality.. ... China and South Africa have maintained close communication and cooperation within BRICS..

kissinger and china

Overall, Kissinger concludes, in his detailed coverage of Korean War, Stalin was the loser, and PRC achieved something more and showed that China was worthy of fear and respect... ... The remaining chronological chapters of On China bring Kissinger's own dealings with..

us-china trade war intensifies

Viewed in this context, to label the conflict with China as simply the start of a cold war., is misleading. The view at that time was that the low-cost manufacture of consumer goods by China, would continue, and that China would remain at the bottom of global value chains.. ..

china: the world’s new superpower?

To date, CCP has managed China's entry into capitalism via the twin mechanisms of Hukou system and special export zones in South East of the country. ... Central to this claim is initiative launched in 2015 under 'Made China Thanks to its consumption of raw materials, Chinese economy is..

china issues

The Turnbull declaratory policy towards China is the same as every Australian government this century.. But we want to ensure that the region into which China rises is one in. ..

crisis and class struggle in china

On CCP's drive to expand production and restrict in the 1950s, Nigel Harris,  The Mandate of Heaven Marx and Mao Modern China , 41 46.. See David Whitehouse, The struggle over the future of Tibet, International Socialist Review, May June 2008, and David Whitehouse, The changing shape of..

russia allying with china

We have been expecting Russia and China to partner up Russia- China axis will lead Asian military bloc that fields larger, than any the world has ever seen.. ... Armstrong and his team identified Meshech and Tubal and Magog as the father of the main peoples of China and Mongolia...

-china trade war

.- China trade in the future, despite the fact that President Donald Trump has set in motion proceedings that will empower him to initiate one. ... Some of the participants noted that in one-party state like China, lacking the checks and balances of U.S constitutional system, organs.. ..

trump’s pivot to russia against china

By other means reduce the competitiveness of its exports to the One China policy, whereby U.S concedes Beijing's legal claim to rule Taiwan, might not be mere errors of neophyte, except calculated opening shots of effort to pressure China to raise the value of RMB and U.S. then the pivot..

is china a currency manipulator?

Critics of China's policy claim that it promoted consistently undervalued currency to keep its goods relation to the goods of other countries, especially those of U.S., its number one overseas market.. ... as has been the case for China since 2014, capital flows reverse and the currency..

china and us poised for south china sea

China has claimed South China Sea, including regions historically belonging to Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines. Despite the legitimacy of China's construction work and the public good it can provide, it will be breach of China's bottom line,..

christians now outnumber communists in china

Christianity is growing so China that some predict that it will be Christian in the in only another 15 years. ... By my calculations China is destined to become Christian country in the world very soon, said Fenggang Yang, professor of sociology at Purdue University and author of..

china: revise disability regulations for education

. © 2013 Human Rights Watch The Chinese government should demonstrate its commitment to the rights of people with disabilities by announcing on China's. On February 25, Chinese government announced amendments to Regulations of Education of Persons with Disabilities China. ..

china reveals protests by islamic separatists

One Uighur demonstration, took place in the town of Khotan on March 23, at China was deploying thousands of security forces across swath of its southwest to put down Tibetan unrest... ... The news of Xinjiang underscored the breadth of China's problems with ethnic and minority groups in..

china lagging on religious freedom

In 1992, Karmapa Lama became the reincarnation to be recognized by both Dalai Lama and Communist Party of China. ... But now in his teens, Karmapa Lama has was frustrated by China, and upset that he was not allowed to meet with his teachers.. ..

human-rights progress cited in china

. `` China has human-rights problems, major problems, at news conference Tuesday Beijing. ... Robinson praised China's willingness to allow the rights commission to work in the country, because China has rejected what it regarded as outside in its internal affairs.. ..

steer clear of pitfalls on china

Allowing formal visit by Taiwan's president would force another confrontation with China's rulers. ... There are good reasons to criticize China's of the human rights of its citizens and behavior toward Taiwan. ..

saudi arabia buying missiles from china

WASHINGTON — China is selling Saudi Arabia intermediate-range missiles capable of reaching any part of Middle East with warhead, and both countries have assured United States that the weapon will not be used for nuclear purposes, State Department said Thursday.. ... The government of..

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